When military personnel receive overseas orders, it is an exciting adventure for their families to move to a different place. However, there are certain aspects that require additional work like transporting their privately owned vehicle (POV) to the new destination. Depending on the location they are relocating, they are entitled to concessions regarding vehicle transfer.

Shipping your vehicle to a different station:

If you are currently residing in the continental US and you are deployed to a new station that is in the continental US, the government won’t take care of your automobile shipping expenses whereas military personnel who are moving to and from a station that is outside of the continental US, the military pays for the expenses of shipping one vehicle.


  • There are limitations on the vehicle type and weight. The government pays for shipping normal sized cars but if it is a recreational or oversized car, alternate shipping arrangements are to be made.
  • The vehicle must be self-propelled and legal on public highways.
  • If military personnel have personalized their vehicle by adding modifications, they have to make sure that the modifications are legal in other countries. If not, they have to make alternate shipping arrangement.

If your car’s shipping isn’t taken care of by the government due to your vehicle failing to meet the requirements or if you own a second vehicle and you are looking to shift it to your new station, you can book the services of shipping companies that offer exclusive military car shipping.

Look for companies with excellent reputation like Ship A Car, Inc. They are the best transporters in the US. They have been shipping vehicles including vehicles owned by military owners since years. They are aware of the pressing time constraints of military personnel and guarantee timely delivery as promised.

They also offer discounts for military personnel. Avail it using your military ID. Request a free quote from them, place your booking and inform them your preferred pickup and delivery location. If you have any more concerns call them up directly. Their team will be happy to answer your queries.

FAQ regarding military auto transport:

Do vehicle modifications increase the cost of shipping?

Vehicles with modification generally occupy more space on the carrier and hence you can expect additional charges. If the modified vehicle’s weight is within the safe load size, you can choose enclosed auto transportation. Open carriers work good too.

Would insurance cover the items placed inside the vehicle?

No. The insurance is meant only for the vehicle and not for the stuff placed inside it. It is recommended to not place valuable and important documents inside your vehicle. You can place light, bulky stuff like bedding.

How long would it take to deliver my vehicle?

The transit time depends on the miles between source and destination. It can be as little as 1 day for a transit distance under 200 miles and take up to 7 to 9 days for transit distance of 2400 miles.

Though reputable shipping companies take extra care in shipping military vehicles, inform them about your shipping needs at the earliest to avoid last-minutes hassles.