The Motorcycle Law is the mandatory protection for motorcycles that the traffic regulations require that all motorcycles do. To handle the clinical costs of the injured and ready to increase the annual motorcycle charge.

Did one realize that association with the Motorcycle Law or the necessary motorcycle protection is a higher priority than one might suspect because the Motorcycle Law will cover clinical costs in the event of an accident while riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Law

In all honesty, every year there are a large number of accidents on the streets and motorcycles. The vehicle suffers more accidents. Because medical consultation expenses are so expensive today, without resolution, one would have to pay a large number of medical expenses the self, and the law additionally requires all drivers to act or they would be convicted. Besides, there is a fine of up to 10,000 baht, even if there is no ต่อ พรบ มอเตอร์ไซค์, one will not have the option to extend the motorcycle charge as well. So, if one has a motorcycle, don’t miss a moment to contact motorcycle legislation. Currently, one can effortlessly join online in no time. It simply costs in the hundreds, but get significant insurance.


When a mishap occurs, take the injured person to the nearest clinic. At that point, inform the emergency clinic staff about what happened. Where it occurred with the vehicle registration number and meetings Including notice of the warranty option under the law of the motorcycle. Each clinic has an office dealing with the Royal Thai Claims Act. From that point on, we will report it to the daily log. To use when presenting a case with the organization

The Cost

Joining the ต่อ พรบ มอเตอร์ไซค์ the cost will depend on the size of the engine. The higher the engine limit, the cost will also increase. In any case, our Act value is remembered by the figure of many baht per year, so to speak. Whenever agreed with the cost of inclusion, it is seen as advantageous. One can check the price on the motorcycle purchase page.

Online Purchase

Try not to stand still by going to the law. The motorcycles again, one can interact with the motorcycle act. With internet online anywhere via the internet the law will be sent to the default email address and is guaranteed and can be used immediately for billing purposes.