Providing valuable service, especially customer service, is fundamental to the success of any business. Here is a challenge, a lot of businesses don’t get it right. Retaining customers has been a struggle for most businesses. That’s why you need to ensure that your customers have a good experience. Any bad experience may cause a customer way forever. So how do you improve your customer service? Keep reading for some Effective tips.

4 Ways to Enhance Customer Service

There are several ways to improve the customer experience for your bodyshop performance business. Here are four tips.

·        Put resources into service training

Instead of investing in the quality control department, focus more on service training. The size of your business matters, big or small. By now, you may have a quality control division. This division tracks and archives any quality issues and works on addressing them. Putting resources into training that prepares workers of all levels is key, as opposed to exclusively in a quality control office. This informs workers that they must offer quality support, regardless of their job in the organization.

·        Consider the 30/30 rule

The 30/30 rule states that the employee ought to welcome every client within thirty steps or thirty seconds of entering the shop. This consideration will guarantee that your clients feel invited and needed. This gives a positive perspective on your business.

·        Request personalized feedback from clients

A lot of your clients will welcome the idea of requesting feedback from them. It shows them you care about their experience and will improve or change your approach.

·        Always gather issues or complaints

One method for following the quality of your service is to follow any client issues or objections. Build a database for all client input and utilize a scale to rank the client’s insight. Also in the database, ensure to take note of any nitty-gritty remarks on assistance from clients.


Taking everything into account, do everything possible to satisfy your customers. Give them a good experience. Exploring other options, you also need a social media presence. Also, keep investing in-service training.