As Australia is such a huge expanse of land, it is no surprise that motorcycling is a very popular way of getting around and if you would like to join the thousands of others who ride big bikes in Australia, here are some of the essential items you will need to source before setting off on your big bike.

  • Motorcycle & Insurance – Of course, your bike is the single biggest investment you need to make and whether you prefer a sports tourer or a superbike, take out Yamaha motor insurance to cover you for every eventuality. Some people prefer to invest in an off-road bike, which allows you to travel in the wilderness, while other would rather have the comfort of a sports tourer like the Yamaha YXF R-1; the choice is yours.
  • Protective Gear – Riding a motorcycle demands top protection; a full-face crash helmet, a leather jacket & leather trousers, with special motor cycle gloves and finally, a pair of boots with ankle support completes the outfit. Coupled with your bike, this presents a fair investment, but once you have all your gear, it should last you for many years. Another useful add-on is a hi-vis vest or jacket, which helps other road users to see you, as this garment has reflective strips.
  • The Right Driving Licence – Check with your State regarding this, but you will need a learner’s permit to start and within a couple of years, you can graduate to the R-Class licence that allows you to ride a big bike of any size.
  • Wet Weather Riding – Buy a lightweight waterproof wet suit that can easily be rolled up and stored under the seat. You never know when the heavens will open and if you have a good set of waterproofs, you can quickly deploy it and stay dry.
  • Camping Equipment – Most big bike riders are into camping, which is the cheapest way to travel and with some hi-tech solutions like solar power blankets, you can remain in the wilderness for quite a few days.

If you are the adventurous type, you will love the thrill and independence that comes with taking to two wheels on a powerful motorbike. Take your time choosing the right bike and perhaps start with a used machine, at least until you gain some practical hands-on riding experience and when you upgrade your licence, you can invest in a superbike.

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